Unitarian Universalist Church
  in Idaho Falls
A welcoming religious home celebrating the inherent worth of every person
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Anne Timpany giving a lay-led UUCIF sermon on Laughter

About Us

Are you looking for a spiritual home?

  • One that respects your open mind and critical thinking about moral values and the meaning of life?
  • A community that provides a caring place for your children to learn about ethical behavior and their role in the world, offers you a circle of fellow seekers to share insights with?
  • A haven of support to see you through a life crisis?
  • A spiritual connection that unifies your sacred beliefs with your compassion and commitment to social justice and environmental causes?

Then welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Idaho Falls (UUCIF)!

UUCIF is a liberal church that respects all the world's religions and sacred traditions, while believing that personal experience, conscience, and reason should be the final authorities in religious matters.

UUCIF is an inclusive congregation, welcoming people of any age, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, education level, economic status, culture, or religious background.

For over 50 years UUCIF has been a beacon of light, providing fellowship and spiritual guidance to independent thinkers in Idaho Falls, along with being a progressive voice for justice, freedom, and peace in the world.

Take the first step on your spiritual journey. Stop by for a visit and you'll be warmly greeted!

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Universalist Church in Idaho Falls

What do UU's like about the Unitarian Universalist Church in Idaho Falls?

  • Friendly, intelligent people
  • Services, forums, social justice and other liberal support, and the providing of ministerial support to otherwise neglected members of society
  • Friendly warm people. Feeling at home.
  • Our wonderful ministers who are committed to the congregation, prodding us to grow and become better citizens and friends in Unitarian Universalism.
  • The members, the community, the music, the voices.
  • Dogma free, can follow ones own path.
  • Likes how the fellowship is evolving, the way it is going.
  • The people, the ministers. I belong here and feel safe here.
  • Friends ; fellowship; sermons
  • Everything!
  • The singing. A community of thoughtful, spiritual people. Sermons that make us think.
  • People can speak their minds about issues and have a civil discussion and take action in the community.
  • The people. The atmosphere.
  • The fellowship, the people, the friendship, and being there.
  • The people, the philosophy, openness, tolerance. Services and variety.
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