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Sunday Services

Our Sunday services begin at 10:30am. Children religious education classes are available during the services, and child care is available for nursery and preschoolers. Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible. See the "Newcomers" link for additional information.

Sunday Services for the Month of September, 2017

Sept. 17: "Opa"
     It’s the Greek word for a celebration of life; it’s a call to dance and an introduction to an appreciation of all that is. Its almost fully fall and time for us to decide to inject our days with "Opa."

Sept. 24: "Peace Is"
     We often hear that word bandied about and rarely observe real "peace making" or "peace keeping." This week we set aside a time to examine what we might do to discover and live "Peace."”

Oct. 1: "Pride Not Prjudice"
     "Pride Not Prejudice" was the theme of yesterday’s (this year the fifth) Idaho Falls’ Pride Celebration. However, those of us who have worked hard to make "IF Pride" such a success still sometimes hear others complain that LGBT people make too big a fuss about their sexual orientation and gender identity. So lets get this "Pride" business straightened out.

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